Personal Finance Blogs Roundup – 01/23/2018

How to handle people’s expectations

This article from Frugalwoods is about handling the expensive expectations of extended family members like vacations, gifts, and events that you do not want to spend money on to give or attend.

The article goes forward to give tips on how to navigate these tricky waters with family. The first tip is about starting a blog to outline your family goals. They also gave things to consider when mentioning this to your family and how to talk with them about your goals.

The blog also opened up the post to readers, asking for their tips. They were lucky to get several great answers that give all the information you need on handling the expensive expectations of family members.w

Getting an Inheritance?

This blog post from Millenial Money Man is an interesting look at what happens when you or someone else inherits millions of dollars.

The writer and owner of this blog interviewed someone who recently received an inheritance of more than most people have ever seen or will see in their life. The interview is written much like a story as the interviewee is telling about her time after her father died when she received her large inheritance.

The goal of the blog post is to help others who might be getting an inheritance, how to handle the newfound riches, and how to invest them for the future. The questions and answers are very enlightening and could be helpful for someone who might have an inheritance.

Tax time is coming up

This article on Money Peach is an excellent source of information for those who are getting ready to file their taxes. Since many people have more than one job.

Tax season can be difficult to navigate, which is why this post has the top three tips for people with multiple jobs. The first tip is outlined as navigating your withholdings. The second tip is learning how to fill out that multiple jobs worksheet, which is part of the second page on the IRS W-4. The third tip is dealing with the social security tax.

The post can be beneficial in other ways by giving you a list of questions to ask your accountant about your filing. This blog is helpful in many ways, especially for those who are trying to deal with filing their taxes for multiple jobs.

Get a better salary.

There are many who need help learning how to negotiate their salary. Get Rich Slowly’s post is helpful for those types of people who are struggling to get the pay they want for their hard work.

The article begins by outlining the necessity of negotiating your salary. It goes on to talk about the things you can negotiate like information, power, and time, but it ties these things in with negotiating your salary.

The blog post goes into incredible detail with step-by-step tips for getting the salary you want. It even outlines an interesting and effective negotiation method. This is a great read for anyone looking to boost their income by negotiating their salary at their workplace.